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31 Day Reset Day 3: Identify your VALUES

7 Jun

For this exercise I jotted down my values in no particular order.  Here’s  my list:

Love of Self and Others                                                                     Traveling

Money-financial security, charitable giving                            Learning

Adventure                                                                                              Creativity

Advancement                                                                                        Service

Civic and Community Involvement                                            Privacy

Peace of Mind                                                                                        Personal Growth

Family                                                                                                       Achievement

Being Supportive and Supported                                                  Leadership
Next, I had to narrow down the list to 10, my RESET 10.   Some of the things I listed overlap, but they are certainly all interconnected for me.  I had to ask myself what 10 things did I want to focus my energy on right now.  After reminding myself that I don’t have to conquer the world today, I settled on these 10:

Creativity:  acknowledging and fostering my creativity is something I have never really done.  As a child, my mother consistently sent me the message that I wasn’t creative like her and my middle brother.  I was just like my dad.  Analytical.  A linear thinker.  This was the lie I believed and likely a major part of the reason why I have always felt like my family really doesn’t know me.  Although I’m not going to rank the rest of them, this is probably the most important to me in the immediate.

Advancement: For about three years I have done little to advance myself professionally simply out of fear of failure, being inadequate and the unknown.


Money: I would like to have a healthy relationship with money.  Paying myself first is the goal.  This blog is to keep me accountable.

Adventure: Trying new things in new places.

Traveling: This kind of goes hand in hand with adventure, although not always.


Peace of Mind

Personal Growth

Love of Self: I think this value is the most important for my life.  Once I make progress in this area, I believe the rest will fall in line.

This exercise required me to take a hard look at what is important to me as compared to where I’ve been spending my time .  <—-This is completely out of line.  Some of the things on the list are difficult for me to address because it brings up negative experiences, personal failures and my perceived inadequacies.  But I’ve given myself permission to really “do me”. It isn’t as selfish as it sounds.  A whole, healthy and better me is more beneficial to the world.  After all I deserve all the good things I desire.