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Day 6 Create a Life Map

15 Jun

On this day of the 31 Day Reset Challenge my assignment was to create a life map. We were provided a workbook to guide us through the process.

I wrote about my specific vision for the following areas of my life:








This so far has been the most difficult assignment for me.  I have been making great progress with my self-confidence, positive attitude and roughly one week of the 31 Day Reset challenge. But the strides I have been making have left me facing the possibility of living my dream sooner rather than later.  Great, right?

Well my first reaction is fear of the unknown.  I*know* moving to New York primarily for my relationship and potential career connections is what I want.  But it doesn’t look like the terms I have set (i.e. having a job secured BEFORE I move) are going to be met.Do I throw caution to the wind and go without any  employment? Or should I continue to make the “safe” choice no matter what my life goals are

I have identified what it is I want so how can I  make any further excuses or stall? It’s time for action! Right?  Right…..

(I’ll scan an upload my actual life map tomorrow)