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Life Assessment

2 Jun

It looks like I receive the daily assignment around 10 pm, which is a bit too late for me. Each night I listen to a hypnosis cd for about 30 minutes prior to going to bed. Doing the 31 Day Reset assignment plus my hypnosis cd plus blogging plus….you get the idea. I’d much rather get to work early in the morning to do my assignment. That’s exactly what I did this morning.
Rosetta has great a great worksheet on which you can do your life assessment.

I printed two. Was ready to go….then my mind started wandering. Being honest about what I wasn’t happy about in my life seemed daunting. Usually I focus on something I am unhappy about in my life then start beating myself up about it. Why haven’t I addressed it yet? Why did I let it get so bad? So to avoid having these negative thoughts, I have been avoiding this type of self-reflection altogether. But I’ve been working on my positive attitude and self-confidence. Soon, I dove right in. about each aspect of my life I had to answer two questions. What do I love? What do I hate? This is my life assessment:


  • I love my apartment
  • I hate that I haven’t consistently worked to decorate my space, I have no hobbies and I don’t hang out with my people.


  • I love being helpful to others, interacting with other professionals and my co-workers.
  • I hate not being challenged, being so behind-the-scenes and not seeing results.


  • I’m an attorney.  I did it!
  • My lack of practical lawyering skills.


  • I love having ZERO debt outside of my student loans.
  • I haven’t stuck to a budget, I haven’t increased my income in almost 3 years and I’m not making snowball payments on my Citibank Student Loan.


  • I love that I am taking stock of where I am and figuring out where I want to go.
  • I hate that I don’t attend church regularly and I don’t work out regularly.


  • We have FUN when we are together. Above all I know they accept me and have my back.
  • I hate the lack of boundaries and my inability to maintain sufficient boundaries to protect myself.


  • Being loved, supported in every way and having fun doing everything and nothing.
  • being too available.