1. Pay Off Discover Card

2. Pay Off Visa

3. Pay Off Citibank Student Loan

4. $5000 Emergency Fund

5. Max Out Roth IRA

6. 457 Deferred Comp-should be at about 5%-no employer matching, but currently I’m at 15%. I didn’t contribute at all for
a bit. I’m looking to change jobs and will adjust my contributions then.

7. Get a new job

8. Increase my income by at least $35K/yr

9. Relocate to New York by June end of 2011

10. Open a high yield savings account 6/3/2011 American Express Bank 1.15% APY

I will be fine tuning these in the next few weeks. As it stands, I’m not sure if they are all attainable. This is simply my starting point.


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