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Day 7 Write Your Ideal Life Narrative

16 Jun

This one doesn’t need much explanation.  So here goes….

I am living in (and own outright) a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, New York with my loving, supportive, romantic husband and our small children.  We entertain family and friends once per month for a raucous evening of Bid Whist and delicious nosh prepared by the part-time chef, me. I meet with my friends regularly for get-togethers, happy hours, shopping trips and coffee.  My extended family and I speak and email regularly.  We get together yearly for a great Thanksgiving dinner.  We travel extensively domestically and abroad.  Our friends and family ensure we are able to have alone-time without the kids. We have plans to spend some time overseas before our children start school.

I am the principal of my own law firm, which provides superior services to our clients in the areas of Domestic Relations, Business and Entertainment Law, while logging significant hours of pro bono work yearly.  I am a sought after attorney, mediator, arbitrator, lecturer, speaker and professor.  I have published numerous articles and books on legal issues and personal finance. I sit on the Boards of various legal services, women-centered and philanthropic organizations.  I mentor and support young women from all walks of life.  I earn a million dollar income from multiple sources and doing the things I love.  I maintain two revenue producing websites highlighting my perspective as a woman of color on the legal industry (***** working title) and the importance of personal finance (this blog). I have produced best selling books for each venture.

I work out on a regular basis alone and with a personal trainer. I have been featured in several publications as a fabulously fit successful Black woman where I give advice on maintaining your natural hair, balancing work/life/family, finding and honoring your gifts. I have a banging body and six pack abs. My style is all my own. Polished and edgy.

I take courses on photography, sewing, decorating, cooking, gardening and drawing to feed my creativity.  My family spends quality time together doing arts & crafts, playing, napping, laughing, cooking, cleaning, singing and science projects. My husband and I pray with each other and our children daily. We also pray over them each night.

My husband is handsome, sweet, romantic and supportive. He’s my biggest cheerleader as I am his.  We give each other space to be, grow and change.  We challenge each other to be the best.  He’s understanding, helpful and incredibly patient.  He is fully involved with our children and making our house a home.
We attend church services together, are active in our communities and respective professions and we volunteer. We take a proactive approach to improving ourselves and our family by working with a therapist individually and as a couple.  Each year we tithe and make various donations to charitable causes and organizations. We fund scholarships to deserving students to our alma maters.  We work well together and love each other immensely.


Discover Card is PAID IN FULL!!

7 Dec

What? There ain’t no more to it.  (c) Biggie Smalls

Rewind Selector!

19 Oct

p90x was an epic FAIL for two reasons. 1) Who the fuck can eat that much food and work a real job? I just didn’t have time to do all that measuring when in reality no matter how much I was eating, it was CLEARLY not enough. I boinked. And hard.
2) I hopped my happy ass up on my road bike and hit a challenging ass trail like my name was Blancette Armstrong. Strained IT band here we gooooooooo! An MRI and about thrice weekly physical therapy sessions for 6-8 weeks and here we are. WAAAYYY OUTTA SHAPE.

What am I going to do now? I was going to do the Couch to 5K program since I never finished it the first time. So Sunday I hit the treadmill and ran about a fifteen minute mile. Hey, a lady’s gotta start somewhere. I was a tainch sore on Monday and even more today, but I hit the elliptical. The one working treadmill in the gym was occupied by one of those workout types making it look easy. *shrugs* I did 3 miles in 33:43 plus a 5 minute cool down. Obvious differences between the treadmill and an elliptical aside, I was happy with my effort.

Upon returning home, I did Day 1 of the 100 push up challenge, maxing out at 5 good form push ups. Then I stumbled upon the 200 squats challenge and the 200 sit up challenge. So I need to figure out what days and when to work these in.

Programs work best for me. No guess work. Get it in and be done.

My goals: To finish this shit. I’m the Queen of starting and not finishing workout related goals. Why? I want be comfortable naked. My self-consciousness slowly returned with the addition of about ten pounds. Mr. Trendsetter doesn’t mind, in fact he LOVES it. I personally don’t mind being thicker, it’s the shaking when I walk that irks me. I truly appreciate him letting me know he doesn’t mind. It’s never been an issue. Some things you have to do for yourself. Plus we’re going to Jamaica in April.

So at some point I’ll post links to the programs.

Ciao, Bella!

3 May

Blogging about personal finance seemed like a GREAT idea six months ago. I have basically been putting the PRO in procrastinating.  Today, I decided, would be the day I actually started. I constantly remind myself “It doesn’t have to be perfect.”

I’m excited about this endeavor, but slightly frustrated since I have zero idea HOW to customize or even upload free themes from wordpress.

Anyone else scratch their head when the instructions said, “copy the folder to ‘/wp-content/themes/’ directory in your web server?”  Yeah, so where is this directory and how do I find it? After downloading FileZilla and attempting to find my desired theme, I just decided to use one of the 89 random themes from my admin page.

I have a lot to catch up on. Although I can use a computer and do so on a daily basis, there’s OBVIOUSLY a lot I don’t know.

This will be a journey–not just in terms of personal finance, but also a journey to learn more about web-based technology.  I look forward to learning more about myself and serving (ultimately) as a resource for like-minded women and men.

The Chic Financial Officer