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14 Dec

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the blog Mel’s Goin’ Goin’ Gone… whose goal is to provide encouragement to women from a Christian perspective.  So I saw she was doing a giveaway for Dave Ramsey’s ‘Financial Peace’ Personal Finance Software. I never win anything, but decided to give it a shot.  I entered the giveaway, then forgot about it. Today I log into my Twitter account (@thechicfo) and lo and behold she has sent me a DM indicating I won!!

but I couldn’t DM her back. So I log into my email. She had been contacting me for a week. She had given me 24 hours to claim the prize, which expired yesterday.
myspace comments

I’ve been working on quieting my negative thoughts so I decided to thank her for the opportunity to win even though I didn’t claim the prize in time. Doing so helped me to focus on the positive things about the situation rather than mentally berating myself for failing to check my email and missing out. Melinda was gracious enough to reply AND she indicated she had an extra copy of the software she was willing to send to me anyway.


Thanks a bunch to Mel! Check out and subscribe to Mel’s Goin’ Goin’ Gone…