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Day 6 Create a Life Map

15 Jun

On this day of the 31 Day Reset Challenge my assignment was to create a life map. We were provided a workbook to guide us through the process.

I wrote about my specific vision for the following areas of my life:








This so far has been the most difficult assignment for me.  I have been making great progress with my self-confidence, positive attitude and roughly one week of the 31 Day Reset challenge. But the strides I have been making have left me facing the possibility of living my dream sooner rather than later.  Great, right?

Well my first reaction is fear of the unknown.  I*know* moving to New York primarily for my relationship and potential career connections is what I want.  But it doesn’t look like the terms I have set (i.e. having a job secured BEFORE I move) are going to be met.Do I throw caution to the wind and go without any  employment? Or should I continue to make the “safe” choice no matter what my life goals are

I have identified what it is I want so how can I  make any further excuses or stall? It’s time for action! Right?  Right…..

(I’ll scan an upload my actual life map tomorrow)


31 Days To Reset Your Life Challenge

1 Jun

I stumbled upon a phenomenal blog entitled some time ago.
(You don’t have to be happy, black or a woman to benefit from her coaching. Don’t let the title keep you away! I however, happen to be all three of those things on some days.) Today, after rediscovering it (smh, I need to subscribe and stop lurking), I read all about the 31 Days To Reset Your Life Challenge. God most certainly heard my prayers and led me back to this wonderful site.

In evaluating my plan to move to New York and my career, I have taken a hard look at my motivation for moving. Often I have to check myself for being too quick to do what other people want me to do without regard to my own needs and goals. Is this an attempt to get away from family relationships I have consistently found difficulty in managing? Am I trying to find validation and love from a man rather than developing my self-worth? Is this an easy way to disengage from taking my career to another level?

A few weeks ago, I ordered several hypnosis CDs to address some things I would like to change in my life. Namely, my negative, defeatist attitude about myself, my lack of motivation, my inability to get and remain organized and my inability to recall names and faces. My mother had success with smoking cessation by attending one of Dr. Kenneth Grossman’s sessions. After receiving an email indicating he was offering a 2 for 1 sale on cds, I decided to go ahead and order a few and give it a go. I ordered the following titles: Self-Confidence and Positive Attitude (2 discs), Neatness and Organization, Motivation and High Energy, and Remembering Names and Faces.

I was under the impression that I would listen to each cd once, see results and that would be it. (This was my mom’s experience with smoking cessation. Now it’s been about 25 years since her session, but at most it was two days or so I believe). After reading the literature, I realized I needed to commit to 21 to 30 days for each disc. Repetition produces change. I decided to start with Self-Confidence and Positive Attitude to assist in quieting my negative thoughts about myself and having a positive outlook. (I have also listened to the Motivation and High Energy disc once or twice before realizing I was just doing too much. Rome wasn’t built in a day.)

What does this all have to do with the challenge? The bottom line is, I am searching for the tools to find direction, purpose and fulfillment in my life. Hypnosis and the 31 Day Challenge are my new beginning.

Throughout this process, I am going to blog about my experiences. The 31 Day Challenge will provide me with daily assignments, some of which I will share entirely. Others may be redacted or I won’t share at all. I know for certain one of the more tangible results I am claiming is this blog. Working on it has been something I’ve talked about for over a year. The only thing that has stopped me from consistently pursuing this goal is ME. I have found a myriad of excuses to aid my inaction. Though they left me unsatisfied I kept going back for more. My pattern of negative thoughts and defeatist attitude made sure my well of excuses was never dry. I know that if I continue to put negative things in, I will never reach my potential.

I have only listened to the Self-Confidence and Positive Attitude cds about 5 or 6 times, but I have noticed a difference. That difference has brought me back to this place. My journey to change begins today. Won’t you join me?