The Chic F.O., where F is for Fitness

3 May

Getting my finances in order and becoming fit are two of my goals! I have to thank Single Ma of Fabulous Financials for inspiring me to get my sh*t together.  I remember when she was going to stop blogging because she had reached her goals.  I was proud of her, particularly as a Black women! Thank goodness she decided to continue blogging by sharing her fitness goals as well.  Several other PF bloggers have done this as well.

In real life, I loathe the “me too” contingent.  You know the types.  Buy it because you have it.  Go there because it’s the place to be.  Drink it because it’s the new drink of the in crowd.  Strangely sounds like the VERY reason a lot of people are in dire financial straits. Keeping up with the Joneses.

Fortunately in the PF blogsphere, being a part of the “me too” contingent will get you a great support network, a positive net worth, less stress and a new lease on life.

So back to my fitness goals.  I, like most people, would love to be high school skinny again.  If I knew then, what I know now. LOL, I sound a lot like my mother.  Well, I am not too far from it.

To track my progress, I started a Spark People page.  Once I have utilized it for a while, I will give you all a review.  Please add me if you are already a member. I am, of course, theChicFO, where the F stands for Fitness.

For my workout plan, I decided to do p90x.  My accountability partner is a friend from college.  She completed day 1 today and I completed the fit test.

Here are my starting stats:

Resting heart rate (HR)  76 beats per minute (bpm)

Pull Ups   1/2   ( I actually don’t have the pull up bar, but tried it at my dad’s house about a month ago.  I’m still debating about getting one).

Vertical Leap 15″

Push-Ups (girl variety) 20

Toe Touch +3 inches (Thank God for cheerleading in high school. LOL)

Wall Squats   2 minutes

Bicep Curls  50 reps @ 8 lbs  (I was supposed to do at least 10 lbs, but couldn’t locate my dumbells.

In & outs  25 reps

Heart Rate Maximum

Immediately 128

1 minute       120

2 minutes       108

3 minutes       104

4 minutes       88

I took BEFORE pictues as well, but I’m not brave enough to share those just yet. LOL

Wednesday is Day 1. Pray for me. I will bring it!!!!


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